Virtual Chart Recorder in Minutes

Make a Virtual Chart Recorder in Minutes with DASYLab & ROI-USB. DASYLab is a quick and easy way to build data acquisition systems without programming. It is a user configurable application with plenty of customization capability. A very simple application that meets a lot of requirements is a simple 4 pen virtual temperature chart recorder.

Virtual Temperature Chart Recorder

Virtual Chart Recorder by DASYLab
DASYLab creates great graphics

A very simple application that can be setup in minutes using DASYLab as a virtual temperature chart recorder. Because DASYLab is very flexible it can do a whole lot more. But that is the same reason this is a great example of how you can save time using DASYLab. From the DASYLab module bar an input module, a chart module, and a digital meter module are simple selected and dropped into a blank worksheet. Making the software connections is simple, as you draw wire connections between each module for each sensor. With just a little setup time it was simple to create a data acquisition program that looks like a classic 4 pen strip chart recorder.

DASYlab Program Modules

DASYlab program modules allow custom application development without programming
Custom programs without programming in DASYLab

Because DASYLab handles the management of the readings, the meters, and the graphs; no programming is required. For data collections applications that need to get quick results, time is critical. This solution allows you to get on with your work, without making a separate project out of the recording program setup. Because the functions are all handled by modules, which you simply:

  1. Select them from the module bar
  2. Drop them into your worksheet
  3. Change a few settings to match your need
  4. Wire them together
  5. Add them to a screen layout

ROI-USB serial sensor monitoring system

An important part of Virtual Temperature Chart Recorder is the ROI-USB serial sensor monitoring system
ROI-USB gives you simple sensor connection to a PC

DASYLab turns ROI-USB into in a Virtual Chart Recorder

DASYlab & ROI-USB become a Virtual Chart Recorder
Custom DASYLab screens without programming behind the scenes

For this example we will use the Robert Owen ROI-USB. It handles the reading of the sensors, & the PC powers everything. So no separate power is needed when using the ROI-USB-Thermistor. Then to read temperature sensors simply plug it into your USB port and connect the thermistors. Thermistors are a great way to read temperature. Because they are simple to connect, accurate, and readily available they are ideal. The 10K NTC Thermistor is an industry standard way to get accurate measurements. Here’ a link to a read more about readily available Thermistors. Use this link to learn more about the ROI-USB.

Setup DASYLab program as a chart recorder

  • Open¬†DASYLab
    • We will use DASYLab-Lite in this example a really low cost solution
  • Expand the Modules Inputs/Outputs group
  • Add a Serial Input module
  • Add a Scaling module if the device needs unit conversion
  • Add the Strip chart recorder
    • You can also add bar charts and digital meters as well if you like
DASYlab & ROI-USB become a Virtual Chart Recorder using because of the DASYLab serial input module and chart recorder module. Custom applications without programming.
DASYLab custom applications without programming.

The last step is to connect the virtual instruments into a screen “Layout”. The “Link Graph” function allows you to add a variety of the DASYLab instruments and controls to create a custom computer screen.

DASYlab & ROI-USB become a Virtual Chart Recorder using because of the DASYLab custom Layout capability
DASYLab custom Layout capability

So if you would like to discuss a custom setup application, where Robert Owen provides a turn key solution, reach out to us, we can help you. Request info