Data acquisition in a low cost bundle

When it comes to sensor recording, a common question you can hear is: “I need to set up a sensor recording system, what can I get that is simple to use?”. Another Question you can  hear is “If I am not sure what I need, what can I get that is very flexible?”. If you’re looking for a low cost flexible data acquisition bundle with lots of great capabilities, where do you start?

There are a large variety of ways to accomplish sensor measurement, so many choices. What do you choose?  There are devices that can do a lot more than you need to, and you pay for those capabilities, as well as devices that do a lot less.

What about software? You are generally going to find one of 2 thing. Either it comes with a program that has very limited capability, or just programming drivers. Do you know how to program a computer?

Wouldn’t it be great like to just get something that is low cost, flexible, lots of capabilities, and a whole lot more? “DASYLab & ROI-USB Data Acquisition” are a low cost, flexible, sensor measurement and recording system with lots of out of the box capabilities, and a whole lot more potential!

DASYLab Data Acquisition Software

Provides tools and functions to quickly and easily develop complex applications without programming (you can set up a simple chart recorder application in minutes). The software offers real-time analysis, control, and graphics tools for creating custom graphical user interfaces.

  • You can create complex applications quickly and easily without programming
  • Real-time data acquisition, analysis, control, and display functions
  • You have standard real-time displays (charts, meters, graphs)
  • Windows® 10 compatible
Data Acquisition, Graphics, and Analysis Software
Icon-Based Data Acquisition, Graphics, Control, and Analysis Software

USB Data acquisition Hardware

Provides improved cost/performance compared to similar devices

  • A variety of analog input types
  • Sample rates up to 10 S/s
  • No external power required
  • Windows® 10 compatible
ROI-USB-Thermistor NTC thermistor temperature sensor monitoring system
ROI-USB-Thermistor NTC thermistor temperature sensor monitoring system

The combination allows you develop a simple application in just a few minutes.

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