Products for sensor monitoring & recording, accessible locally or remotely. Our sensor measurement products and systems are designed for simple use.

Wireless, Serial, & Analog Sensor Measurement Connection Solutions

Sensor Signal Conditioning Products. PLC compatible 4-20mA sensor transmitters. PC compatible USB sensor converters & Wireless (RF) sensor converters.

Robert Owen custom designed and manufactured Instrumentation modules

Custom Embedded Sensor Signal Processing Solutions

Using Linux powered microcomputer hardware/software packages, to create small/powerful custom measurement solutions. High speed signal processing to create advanced sensor signal conditioning. Power monitoring, mass flow calculations, vibration monitoring, and more.

Embedded Sensor Data Acquisition Solutions

Custom Sensor Data Acquisition Software

Using USB sensor converters & Wireless (RF) sensor converters, to create powerful sensor measurement applications, with custom GUI/HMI solutions. Turn any PC into a temperature data logger.

DASYlab ROI-USBVirtual Chart Recorder

Custom IOT Connected Remote Sensor Data Acquisition

Using combinations of PC Connected Sensor Data Acquisition & Embedded Sensor Data Acquisition Solutions, we can bring your local solution to your remote location.

A custom Data Monitoring & Remote Sensor Measurement Solution doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive.

Robert Owen Inc Instrumentation manufacturer

When started as a business specializing in the manufacture of Instrument Amplifiers. We produced Sensor Signal Conditioning, and Sensor Measurement Components. From the beginning we have strived to make products and systems that were by design simple to use. Our products are made in the USA. But we ship worldwide, where ever your problem needs to be solved. We can assist with 4-20mA sensor transmitters, USB sensor data acquisition, and Wireless remote sensor monitoring. Parts in a range of sensor signal conditioners are, we offer. Our products include: PLC compatible 4-20mA sensor transmitters, isolation amplifiers. PC compatible USB sensor converters, and wireless (RF) sensor converters. We offer products for remote sensor telemetry monitoring, & recording. Our 4-20mA transmitter signal conditioners are compatible with: Thermistor & RTD temperature sensors, potentiometer level & position sensors, & more. We offer solutions to solve many problems.

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