Wireless Sensor Signal Conditioning

Robert Owen Produces Wireless Sensor Signal Conditioning products. So if converting between sensor & signal type is needed, we can offer the devices to help you simplify your environmental monitoring requirement.

ROI-RFX Wireless Sensor Signal Conditioning transmitters monitor remote sensors

We provide wireless sensor signal conditioning for resistive sensors such as Thermistor temperature sensors, Potentiometer position sensors, or switch contact sensors. Because they are wireless compatible sensor converters, you place them where you need without cable or conduit. So they will save you time and money.

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We know wireless sensor signal conditioners are a simple solution, when you have a spare USB port on your PC. So the conditioner network output is the same as a spare input, then use that channel to measure a network of NTC Thermistor temperature sensors or 4-20mA transmitters with it, distant from your PC, without conduit or cable.

Wireless signal conditioners are simple to use

Because there are only 2 wires to connect for the input and 2 wires to connect for the output, the 4-20mA transmitter is very simple to use with a wireless signal conditioner. So simple to use. You will add a distant 4-20mA sensor transmitter to a PC in no time, without a cable or conduit. So we show, in the image below, 4-20mA transmitters wired to a wireless converter in the example diagram below.

Wireless Sensor Signal Conditioning. See how 4-20mA transmitters are wired in the example diagram.
See how 4-20mA transmitters are wired in the example diagram.

Robert Owen offers you a variety of wireless sensor conditioning products.

Wireless Sensor Signal Conditioning

Because wireless sensor conditioners are what you need, we offer wireless converters for both NTC Thermistor temperature sensors and 4-20mA transmitters.

Thermistor4-20mA Transmitter
10K NTC / 2.4GHz RF4-20ma / 2.4GHz RF
Standard NTC Thermistor & 4-20mA Transmitters to wireless sensor signal conditioners

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