Embedded Sensor Data Acquisition

Robert Owen offers Embedded Sensor Data Acquisition Solutions. Building custom Sensor Signal Conditioning, Test, & Measurement Systems. So we can come to a unique measurement problem resolution, in a rapid cost effective manner.

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Robert Owen offers Embedded Sensor Data Acquisition Solutions. Building custom Sensor Signal Conditioning, Test, & Measurement Systems. We can come to Embedded Sensor Data Acquisition problem resolution in a rapid cost effective manner.
Embedded Sensor Data Acquisition

We like using low cost, small, & simple Mini PCs, because they can be expanded with IO based on the project needs. We typically integrate with Linux Python or C code, so we can have the best solution options. Allowing for distributed processing and remote status GUI to be positioned for best use, we provide compatibility for PC to PC communications via wireless, ethernet ,or serial connection. We provide integrated digital signal processing for custom signal condition solutions.

Because we write the code ourselves, we really understand the use of the device. We custom develop protocols to allow the software connection to work well. We develop compatible applications based on the requirement of the project.

Potential configurations can include: multiple units operating independently on the same private network, 2 or 3 monitoring units taking readings by GUI command independently. A control output sent remote command based on operator decision. Etc.

Embedded Sensor Data Acquisition Applications

Applications may include:

  • Slice capture for high speed data remote transfer over low speed networks, e.g. wireless, RS485, etc. Integration with signal conditioning for varied sensor type monitoring, e.g. such as 3 phase voltage, 3 phase current, and 2 axis of accelerometers to monitor a rotating machine.
  • Because a unit can be connected via a pair of radio modems, operating as a private network, it allows remote machine monitoring where a traditional network may not be present.
  • Such as units set to record to removable media (USB thumb drive), on specific event monitoring, operating as a custom high speed processing data logger.

Custom interface software to record to file and display on screen. In easy to modify format. So we work with a variety of software packages, to develop custom software solutions. Some GUI software options include; LabVIEW, Python, DASYLab, & Excel. This is just to name a few.

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Because integrate the solutions with combinations of off the shelf devices and custom build. So, we offer the best of both options, as a standard option. Using the best combination for the optimal solution. Building Embedded Sensor Solutions. Embedded Conditioning in a cost-effective manner.

Robert Owen has years of experience in connecting sensors and software together. Because we code custom software solutions, we can get it done. We offer the approach most suited to the project. We can get it done, regardless of size, because we have the pieces to build solutions. For monitoring anywhere from a single sensor to hundreds. Robert Owen can assist with Sensor Signal ConditioningSensor Signal Processing, and Sensor Data Acquisition. Parts in a range of sensor signal connection services we offer.

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