A simple Wireless sensor monitoring system

Wireless sensor transmitter system, provides real time monitoring of remote sensors.
Wireless sensor transmitter system
Monitor remote sensors, sensor transmitters, and instrumentation signals with the ROI-RFX. Signals recorded directly into Excel. Real time live data continually updates, adding new values to lists, charts, etc. PC USB connected, Windows compatible.Perform live analysis of your remote sensor data in your Excel spreadsheet. Create charts and graphs that automatically update with data from your ROI-RFX. Bar charts, scatter plots, pie charts, all come alive with real time sensor data with ROI-RFX A-D‘s

PC connected, by USB port, remote measurement of sensors up to 1 mile away. Compatible software tools, turn Remote Sensor’s into Data Acquisition Systems. Software tools; turn Excel into a real time display and data acquisition program.

The ROI-RFX Features:
* Pluggable sensor Euro connectors, 
* Snap on mounting base for DIN rail or surface mounting, and,
* PC connection by USB port RF adapter allows remote sensor measurement.

Useful for real time sensor trend plotting and active measurement.

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