rtd temperature transmitter

An RTD temperature transmitter allows industry standard RTD temperature sensors to be directly connected to PLC 4.20mA inputs and industrial IO modules. The 4.20mA transmitter connection is a standard format in industrial measurement and control systems. The 4.20mA signal allows the RTD temperature sensor measurement to be run much further than the direct connection of the RTD temperature sensor itself. 4.20mA signals can be run directly for thousands of feet, when using the correct cable and power supply. Many PLC inputs either standardly or optionally can be configured for 4.20mA, and it is not unusual to find spare inputs in an installation.

PLC RTD temperature measurement

Simple PLC RTD temperature measurement The Robert Owen Inc. ROI-XMA 4-20mA sensor transmitter allows 4-20mA PLC inputs to be used for RTD temperature measurement.  Robert Owen Inc. temperature transmitters offer temperature ranges as wide as -200 to 500 Deg C or as small as 0 to 32 Deg C, depending on the make and model. […]

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RTD 4-20mA temperature transmitters

RTD 4-20mA temperature transmitters READ TEMPERATURE SENSORS WITH YOUR PLC Use spare PLC 4-20mA inputs for temperature sensor measurement, with ROI-XMA RTD transmitters. ROI-XMA RTD transmitters allow the simple measurement of industry standard series 100 ohm PT100 or 1000 (1K) ohm PT1000 RTD temperature sensors. Existing RTD temperature sensors can be connected to modern control

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