RTD 4-20mA temperature transmitters

RTD 4-20mA temperature transmitters


Use spare PLC 4-20mA inputs for temperature sensor measurement, with ROI-XMA RTD transmitters. ROI-XMA RTD transmitters allow the simple measurement of industry standard series 100 ohm PT100 or 1000 (1K) ohm PT1000 RTD temperature sensors. Existing RTD temperature sensors can be connected to modern control systems. An ROI-XMA RTD 4-20mA transmitter is a simple way to add temperature sensor measurement to a PLC.

RTD 4-20mA temperature transmitters


RTD 4-20mA transmitters are simple to use

ROI-XMA RTD 4-20mA transmitters are a simple way to add temperature measurement to a PLC. Most installers appreciate how RTD don’t require you to use exotic cabling to connect them like thermocouples. All you need is standard instrumentation cable for both the sensor and transmitter.

4-20mA transmitters can be connected long distances

You can connect 4-20mA transmitters can be over long distances to the PLC. When you use a standard 24Vdc power source and a 22Awg cable can connect a 4-20mA transmitter over 1,000 feet away. You could be surprised how rapidly the length of a cable increases, when you try to run it neat and out of the way.

RTD 4-20mA transmitters are inexpensive

RTDs are inexpensive and are not polarity dependent. You can easily connect and replace them if damaged. An RTD is a resistive device. You can easily verify it working with a standard ohm meter and the heat change by holding it, which is a great feature.

100 Ohm PT100 RTD -200 to 500 Deg C 4-20mA loop powered transmitter ROI-XMA
1000 Ohm PT1000 RTD -200 to 500 Deg C 4-20mA loop powered transmitter ROI-XMA

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