temperature sensing

Wireless Temperature Sensor Monitoring

WIRELESS TEMPERATURE SENSOR MONITORING Remotely monitor temperature over distances up to 1 mile using industry standard 10K ohm NTC thermistors The ROI-RFX-RT is a simple to use Windows compatible 2.4 GHz RF wireless remote temperature transmitter system. Using the ROI-RFX-RT allows you to; remotely monitor & record temperature over distances of up to 1 mile/1.6 […]

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Wireless sensor transmitters

With ROI-RFX Wireless sensor transmitters monitor remote sensors, sensor transmitters, and instrumentation signals. Signals recorded directly into Excel. Real time live data continually updates, adding new values to lists, charts, etc. PC USB connected, Windows compatible. Perform live analysis of your remote sensor data in your Excel spreadsheet. PC connected, by USB port, remote measurement

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10k NTC THERMISTOR USB TEMPERATURE RECORDING READ 10k NTC USB TEMPERATURE THERMISTOR TEMPERATURE SENSORS WITH YOUR PC   ROI-USB-Thermistor THERMISTOR 10k NTC USB TEMPERATURE RECORDING The ROI-USB-Thermistor is a simple to use PC compatible thermistor temperature measurement system. Record 10K ohm or 2252 ohm series 400 NTC thermistor temperature with your Windows PC and industry standard thermistor


USB Sensor Measurement Solutions

USB Sensor Measurement Solutions READ SENSORS WITH YOUR PC using USB Sensor Measurement Solutions Use a Windows PC with Excel installed, for sensor measurement, with ROI-USB sensor converters. ROI-USB adds sensor measurement to a PC. Monitor sensors, sensor transmitters, and instrumentation signals with the ROI-USB. Signals recorded directly into Excel. Real time live data continually updates,

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