Sensor signal conditioning and measurement

Robert Owen manufactures Sensor Signal Conditioning and Sensor Measurement Systems. Specialists in sensor analog & digital signal conditioners. Robert Owen will use a variety of readily available hardware and software components to get the job done. But if it is not available we will make it. We provide our customers with systems that have what they need. Here are few examples of devices we made to fill a customer need.

Examples of custom components that turned into standard products

4-20mA sensor transmitters, USB sensor data acquisition, and Wireless remote sensor monitoring are all part of the range of sensor converters we offer. Products include: PLC compatible 4-20mA sensor transmitters, isolation amplifiers, PC compatible USB sensor converters, and wireless (RF) sensor converters. Products for remote sensor telemetry monitoring, & recording. 4-20mA transmitter signal conditioners compatible with Thermistor & RTD temperature sensors, potentiometer level & position sensors, and more.
Robert Owen custom designed and manufactured Instrumentation modules
Custom designed measurement devices to fill a measurement solution need
(click here to request info) With our ROI-XMAROI-ISOV10ROI-USBROI-RFX products; we offer the components that make sensor measurement simple. We offer DIN rail and surface mounted packages. Thermistor, RTD, and Potentiometer measurement are typical solutions for us. Many ranges from our standard products possible, started as custom solutions.

Robert Owen Inc Instrumentation manufacturer

A small US business specializing in the manufacture of instrument amplifiers and instrumentation systems. Products and systems designed for simple use. Made in the USA, Shipping Worldwide.

How can we help?

A number of our standard products can be customized for a special need, let us know your needs. Request info