USB Current Data Acquisition

You should consider 8200 for USB Current Data Acquisition modules. Because they let you use read current with a PC USB port.

USB Current Data Acquisition

The 8200 Series provides improved cost/performance compared to similarly priced 16-bit DAQ devices. Each device provides seven isolated differential voltage analog inputs.

USB Analog Inputs

8200 Series devices provide seven 16-bit Isolated current USB analog inputs. The analog input ranges include current ranges between +/-20mA, including 4-20mA.

The 8200 is compatible with a number of software options.

8200 series USB current sensor modules allow the simple measurement of industry standard current sensor signals. So, you can easily connect your existing sensors to a modern sensor monitoring system. Furthermore, they are useful in HVAC systems, refrigeration systems, chillers, environmental monitoring, computer room monitoring, dryer, and a variety of other applications.

Simple to use USB current measurement

When you need simple to use current measurement, use the 8200 series. In other words, 8200 series isolated current input modules are a simple way to add sensor measurement to an environmental monitoring system.

Useful because it provides simple screw clamp wired inputs. It is easily used for sensor monitoring using industry standard sensor signals. Firstly, the 8200 has simple to use Windows compatible software available. Secondly it uses industry standard voltage sensor signals. Therefore, sensor measurement or sensor profile recording is simple, data can be updated real time directly into Excel, on custom screens, recorded to file, and more! Total number of channels can be extended with additional units, as well as allowing an increased number of sensors.

So, you can, monitor 7 sensors per unit. Also, multiple units per system, expandable as needed.


• User-selectable analog input range per channel.
• USB communications interface.
• Modbus RTU Protocol.
• 500Vrms analog input isolation.
• 16-bit analog input measurement resolution.
• Continuous self-calibration
• Programmable analog input digital filters.
• Requires +24V unregulated supply, 1.4W.
• Removable screw terminal plug connectors.
• 3ft USB cable included.

[PC and Software, are not included]

Works easily with optional Graphical Programming Software! Ask us about software assistance!

D8200 USB Current Data Acquisition
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