4-20mA potentiometer

4-20mA potentiometer signal conditioning allows industry standard potentiometers to be directly connected to PLC 4-20mA inputs and industrial IO modules. The 4-20mA potentiometer connection is a standard format in industrial measurement and control systems. The 4-20mA signal allows the potentiometer measurement to be run much further than the resistive connection of the potentiometer itself. 4-20mA signals can be run directly for thousands of feet, when using the correct cable and power supply. Many PLC inputs either standardly or optionally can be configured for 4-20mA, and it is not unusual to find spare inputs in an installation.

1K Potentiometer 4-20mA Transmitter

1K POTENTIOMETER 4-20mA TRANSMITTERRead potentiometers with your PLC and the 1K potentiometer 4-20mA transmitter   ROI-25XMA01KP 1K potentiometer 4-20mA transmitter The ROI-XMA series is a versatile family of loop powered 4-20mA potentiometer transmitters. Versions can be provided for potentiometers with resistances (max), between 1K ohm and 10K ohm impedance. Signal range can be custom scaled to alternate […]

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Potentiometer 4-20mA Transmitters

Potentiometer 4-20mA Transmitters Read potentiometers with your PLC and potentiometer 4-20mA transmitters Do you have a PLC and need to read position? Did you know, you can use spare PLC 4-20mA inputs for position sensor measurement? You can add position measurement to a PLC with ROI-XMA sensor transmitters. ROI-XMA potentiometer transmitters allow the simple measurement

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4-20mA SENSOR TRANSMITTERS READ SENSORS WITH YOUR PLC Use spare PLC 4-20mA inputs for sensor measurement, with ROI-XMA transmitters. ROI-XMA sensor transmitters allow the simple measurement of industry standard sensors. Existing sensors can be connected to modern control systems. Read Thermistors, RTDs, or Potentiometers with a PLC. ROI-XMA 4-20mA sensor transmitters are a simple way to


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