WinWedge Sensor Recording Software


WinWedge Sensor Recording Software allows you to monitor a serial port connected sensor, record the trend, create displays, calculations, alerts, etc.

WinWedge Sensor Recording Software allows you to record and monitor real time a serial port connected sensor.

Create custom sensor recording quickly and easily using DDE connection to Excel.
Real-time data acquisition and display functions come alive in Excel.
Use Excel to create real-time displays such as tables, charts, & graphs.
Supported Operating Systems: Windows® 10 and Windows® 11.

Supports USB connected (driver dependent), RS-232, & RS-485 devices

WinWedge Sensor Recording Software has 2 versions to choose from, you will find these versions cover most applications:

WinWedge Standard. It easily collects data from balances, scales, gages, meters, gages, sensors, and measuring devices and laboratory instruments.
It is designed to be highly flexible and can easily parse, filter and format your device data before inputting into your Windows applications. Think of WinWedge as an easily customizable serial I/O device driver. Support for ASCII data, and 16 simultaneous connections.

WinWedge Pro. It has the same features as standard and more.
Additional Features of WinWedge Pro:
Includes TCP-Wedge for Ethernet and IP network device data collection
Advanced data parsing, filtering and formatting options.
Support for binary as well as ASCII data,
Support for up to 100 serial ports and 10,000 network IP ports.
More advanced DDE options
Logs device data to files as well as to Windows applications

Excel is not included. Sensor measurement hardware sold separately.

Not sure? Try the Demo version! (Has all the features of WinWedge-Pro, runs time limited.)

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WinWedge Standard, WinWedge Pro

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