NTC Encapsulated Bead Thermistors

Use 10K NTC Encapsulated Bead Thermistors with your ROI-XMA or ROI-USB-Thermistor, easy to connect with Thermistors.

The ROI-N10K 10K ohm NTC thermistor series allows connection to your USB thermistor measurement system with a simple screwdriver. The connection lead can be extended in the field as needed using 2 wire copper cable and many standard electrical connectors. No need for special alloy extension cables or hard to get multi-wire cables. The length of the wiring is 18.5 inches.

NTC Encapsulated Bead Thermistors are simple to connect, without the need to worry about misconnection. Unlike other polarity sensitive sensors, like the thermocouple or the RTD, the thermistor may be connected with either lead attached to either input screw.

Purchase in bulk and save!

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