DIN Thermocouple Transmitters

Simple to use thermocouple DIN thermocouple transmitters. Scaled for type T thermocouple 0 to 50 Deg C temperature input & 4-20mA output. Also available scaled as alternate temperature spans. Loop powered 4-20mA thermocouple temperature transmitter. Signal range can be custom scaled to alternate thermocouple temperature spans within sensor range. DIN thermocouple transmitters allow the simple measurement of industry standard thermocouples. Existing thermocouples can be connected to modern control systems. Thermocouple transmitters are a simple way to add temperature measurement to a PLC. The thermocouple is ideally suited for wide temperature ranges can be used to achieve simpler installation than other temperature sensors. Useful in HVAC systems, refrigeration systems, chillers, environmental monitoring, computer room monitoring, dryer, and other limited temperature range applications. The T thermocouple produces a nonlinear mV output that need cold junction compensation to read absolute temperature ( ref: https://srdata.nist.gov/its90/type_t/tcoefficients.html ). Look at our T thermocouples https://robertoweninc.com/product/beaded-t-thermocouple/ to complete your measurement connection.

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