temperature transmitter

4-20mA temperature transmitter signal conditioning allows industry standard temperature sensors to directly connect to PLC 4-20mA inputs & industrial IO modules. The 4-20mA temperature transmitter connection is a standard format in industrial measurement and control systems. The 4-20mA signal allows the temperature sensor measurement to be run much further than the direct connection of the temperature sensor itself. 4-20mA signals can be run directly for thousands of feet, when using the correct cable and power supply. Many PLC inputs either standardly or optionally can be configured for 4-20mA, and it is not unusual to find spare inputs in an installation

Simple PLC Thermistor measurement

4-20mA Thermistor Transmitters The Robert Owen Inc. ROI-XMA 4-20mA sensor transmitter allows PLC Thermistor Measurement. With ROI-XMA; you can use 10K NTC thermistors with standard industrial PLC’s and industrial I/O. The ROI-XMA series of loop powered thermistor transmitters. They convert a thermistors temperature related resistance change. Into a standard 4-20mA instrumentation signal. The ROI-10KXMA series …

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Example 4-20mA thermistor transmitter wiring diagram

Example 4-20mA thermistor transmitter wiring diagram A Simple 4-20mA Transmitter Operation Description The 4-20mA transmitter can be looked at as a temperature controlled variable load. It is in series with the power supply and current measurement shunt resistance. The effect is similar to the transmitter acting like a potentiometer. One that will vary total load …

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Remote monitoring critical sensors

Remote monitoring critical sensors with a simple to use wireless sensor measurement module, the ROI-RFX Remote monitoring critical sensors is simpler using wireless sensor measurement. A typical problem with sensor measurement wiring, how to get the signal connection from there to here. One example is, the temperature of the greenhouse on the other side of …

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Wireless Temperature Sensor Monitoring

WIRELESS TEMPERATURE SENSOR MONITORING Remotely monitor temperature over distances up to 1 mile using industry standard 10K ohm NTC thermistors The ROI-RFX-RT is a simple to use Windows compatible 2.4 GHz RF wireless remote temperature transmitter system. Using the ROI-RFX-RT allows you to; remotely monitor & record temperature over distances of up to 1 mile/1.6 …

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